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1st Platoon Alpha Company
3rd Force Recon Battalion
Khe Sanh Combat Base
Republic of South Vietnam


9 May 1967

At approx. 1705, the team of 7 members were inserted
by chopper approx. 13 kilometers northwest of Khe Sanh
into an area known as grid square 7553 for a routine patrol

Shortly after the choppers had left the area,
the team noticed that their insertion point was heavily
dug in with fortified bunkers strategically placed around the
hill, giving a good view of the valley below

The team became very concerned about the area,
knowing that the fortifications were not ours.
With darkness setting in, the decision was made that
the team couldn't move off the hill to another harbor site.
The best vantage point was at the crest of the hill, so a
defensive perimeter was set up away from the bunkers

NVA troops, estimated to be at least Company size in strength
started returning to the hill. At first, oblivious to the fact that the
team was there. But as more and more NVA returned,
the presence of the team became known

10 May 1967

A radio call comes into Khe Sanh that the team is taking
heavy small arms fire, and a request for immediate extraction,
because they were heavily out numbered

Three un-successful attemps are made to extract the team
due to intense heavy ground fire from the NVA.
The extraction and support choppers take numerous
hits in the extraction attemps, forceing them to return to Khe Sanh

Back at Khe Sanh, a decision is made to insert another team
on the hill to act as a reaction force and provide support for
another attempt to extract the team.
Once again, extreamly heavy intense ground fire prevents
another insertion to provide support for the extraction

With extreamly heavy air and artillery support, an extraction chopper
is able to touch down on the crest of the hill,
knowing they could only remain on the ground for seconds
because the NVA were advancing on the LZ,
with heavy small arms fire directed at the chopper.
Of the 7 man team, 4 lay dead, the remaining 3, all wounded,
were pulled aboard the chopper.
Because of extreamly heavy ground fire, and the difficult
extraction, the bodies of the 4 remaining team members
could not be recovered

What had started out as a routine patrol.
The next 18 hours proved to be a nightmare for both the
7 man team and chopper crews during the extraction attempts


2nd Lt. H. Ahlmeyer .... body not recovered
Sgt. J. Tycz .... body not recovered
LCpl. S. Sharp .... body not recovered
HM3 M. Miller .... body not recovered

LCpl. C. Carlson
PFC. S. Lopez
PFC. C. Friery

Capt. P. Looney .... chopper pilot

7 crew members

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